Limousine Service in West Fargo, ND

Luxury Limousine & Sedan Service of Fargo Policy Page 

This section explains the rules, regulations, and policies for our sedan service in West Fargo, ND.

  • Payment: Appointments are held with a deposit made via credit card. Deposit amount is determined by the total cost of the booking of each appointment. The balance can be paid cash to the driver or if you would like to pay balance via credit card you may up to 3 days before the reservation date.  
  • Food: Food and other items such as jello shots, silly string, and glitter are not allowed on the vehicles. Some exceptions can be made on long distance trips.
  • Drinks: Beverages are allowed however there is a $10 fee for broken glasses and for excessive spilling so we ask that you please keep the liquid in the containers. We also provide trash cans for every vehicle and the driver can empty them at your request at any stop.
  • Coolers:   Coolers are allowed we do have room for them in all our vehicles however all our vehicles do come complete with coolers and are stocked with ice for every run.
  • Cancellations: We have a industry standard cancellation policy. If you cancel with in 14 days you may be entitled to a refund of your deposit. Cancellations with in less than 14 days will still be liable for the full reservation price but can be issued credit for a later date. Cancellations due to weather can be credited and rescheduled for a later date but No cash refund will be given.  
  • Damages:  Damages are defects caused by the rentee that would be considered beyond normal ware and tare. If damages are caused the costs for repair will be charged to the card holder who made the reservation. Other charges that card holder will be liable for are, unpaid overtime and excessive cleaning beyond normal usage.  
  • Last but not least everyone must have a great time!